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    We are all waiting for you...

    Wishing you good luck, health,

    happiness, and blessing

    in the coming year...

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    As Close As a Call

    You can able to reach us via Skype, Whatsapp etc..

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    Mechanical Movements & Designs

    Geometric Finishes
    Hybrid Finishes
    and perfect business partner for all mechanical movements...

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    Dealership Offer..

    You can reach us via e-mail or
    phone, please contact us for the
    details of dealership conditions..
    export@netkimya.com.tr | 0090 533 361 45 88

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    Energy saving on classic iron phosphate

    Some of our cold iron phosphates with less mud,
    less temperature & self passivation features

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    Our R&D team is present for the world with environmentally
    conscious products

    Aluminum Passivation  Netchrome FC301 with nano sized protective
    film layer.It does not contain CR+6/other heavy metals in the coatings
    & solutions and it reduces water consumption for rinsing by 50%

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    Welcome to our blog...

    It is an new year gift from us..

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    We would like to meet you on linkedin..

    We believe knowledge power
    that will increase with
    sharing.You are invited to our
    latest linkedin page..

Dealership Will Be Offered

Netkimya are starting to present dealership opportunities around the world. Please feel free to contact us if you're looking to start a new dealership.


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